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Justice for father of math whiz

A sixth grade student from Tanauan City appealed to President Benigno Aquino Aug. 2 for assistance to find those responsible for killing his father, Estratuto Bagsic, a Philippine National Policeman.
Albriz Moore C. Bagsic is a math whiz who enjoys solving puzzles and participating in the Philippine Math team which he has been a member of for three years. But he said in an Inquirer interview that the justice of his father is more important than his achievements.
Last July 26, he traveled to South Korea with 31 other students to compete in the 2014 Korea International Math Competition (KIMC). The Philippine team took home 27 medals. Bagsic received an individual silver medal, a bronze medal and a merit award.


Yolanda survivor tops CPA Licensue exam

After surviving Typhoon Yolanda, accounting major Rommel Rhino Edusma decided to overcome his bad experience by studying hard to score in the top 10 of the CPA Licensure examinations. To his surprise, he ended up topping the examinations with a score of 94.57 according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Edusma was attending the Asian Development Foundation College in Tacloban City while boarding with his aunt, whose roof was blown away by the super typhoon. It is a widely unheard of college but he has put it on the map thanks to his achievement, according to an Inquirer News report.
Edusma has been living in Manila since May to find employment, the report added.•


Girl raises money for Badjao children

Young people can make a huge impact on other people's lives and bring happiness through charity work. A young girl from San Francisco celebrated her birthday with impoverished Badjao children of Dalahica City, Lucena. Cassie Eng did not ask for a birthday present; instead, she asked for donations for a charity to donate 40 boats for the Badjao community who lost their livelihood from Typhoon Yolanda.
The Badjao are a Muslim people dispersed throughout the Philippines. They are the poorest of the poor.
Two weeks before her birthday on July 2, she raised $6,000 to help buy school supplies and backpacks for 300 Dalahican schoolchildren, an Inquirer News report said. Eng is the only child of a Chinese and Filipino immigrant couple residing in San Francisco.. •



Boy who went into coma when tornado hit, dies

A 13-year old Filipino American and his parents who went camping in Virginia became the victims of a tornado that hit their camping area July 24 at Cherrystone Family Camping Resort.
Lheandrew Lloyd Balatbat's parents, Lolabeth Ortega and Lord Balatbat, were killed after their tent was hit by a tree. Lheandrew was also rushed to the hospital where he remained in a coma until a couple of days later when he died Aug. 9. The Balatbat family resided in New Jersey. His parents were buried at Holy Name Mausoleum in Jersey City.
His sisters Lhariezha Anne and Lheanna Leigh sustained injuries.
A fund has been established by the Cherrystone Family Camping resort which will give the full collection amount to the court -appointed legal guardian of the two sisters.•



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