Dr. David Calimag (right), Morton Grove Library trustee, hands in the $150 to the lucky winner of the raffle during the Fil-Am community picnic Sept. 13 at the Veteran's Hall while St. Martha's deacon Tony Valdez (center) looks on.

Morton Grove Village Trustee Ed Ramos said that the Mayor will proclaim October as Fil-Am History Month in their village.




Overseas Voting Registration Deadline Oct. 31

The registration deadline for Filipinos voting in the 2016 Philippine national elections will be on Oct. 31, 2015, The Philippine Consul General reminds.
As long as they are not disqualified by law, Filipinos who are at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of the elections on May 9, 2016, and are registered overseas voters, may vote for President, Vice President, Senators and Party-List Representatives.
All Filipino citizens abroad, as well as those holding dual citizenship, are encouraged to exercise their right of suffrage by registering or applying for certification, if already registered, or updating of their registration records.
Under R.A. 10590, known as the “Overseas Voting Act of 2013,” which amended R.A. 9189, Filipino immigrants and permanent residents shall no longer be required to execute an affidavit of intent to return and resume actual physical permanent residence in the Philippines.
The basic documentary requirement for Filipino citizens is a copy of their valid passport and for those who re-acquired/retained their Filipino citizenship, a copy of their Order of Approval.

“Bataan Rescue”at Morton Grove Library for FAHM

Ed Ramos, Village of Morton Grove trustee, announced after village officials unanimously passed a resolution declaring the month of October as Filipino American History Month during a council meeting Sept. 28, the showing of “Bataan Rescue”—a PBS documentary about the Allied soldiers' raid at a POW camp in Cabanatuan in 1945.
The event will highlight the Filipino-American partnership in fighting Japanese Imperialism that will add to the current reason to approve the US Congressional campaign to grant medals to the Filipino WWII Veterans. It will also start a planning of the 70th anniversary of Filipino American Friendship Day on July 4th 2016.
Dr. David Calimag, a commissioner at the Village Public Library, is arranging the venue and the exact date for the showing. Interested persons, please call Ed Ramos at 847-477-0487 or Dr. Calimag at 847-334-3372 or Anong Santos at 847-528-4991.

October Filipino American Heritage Month planned events in 2015

CHICAGO--In 2009, the US Congress through the Senate and House of Representatives respectively passed H. Res. 780 recognizing October 2011 and every October thereafter as Filipino American History Month (FAHM) to celebrate the history and culture of Filipino Americans and their historic contributions to the nation. Starting in 2011, the Philippine American Cultural Foundation (PACF) spearheaded an invitation to many Filipino American organizations in Chicago and suburbs to organize a variety of events to celebrate FAHM every October. 

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By Mariano "Anong" Santos




Chicago Fil-Am leaders deplore “greed”as more Medicare frauds are reported

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: Husband & wife Miguel and Estrellita Duquilla; Medicare wants $6 million back.

ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: Josephine Tinimbang: Medicare tries to recover $46 Million of alleged fraudulent billings.

CHICAGO—In the wake of yet another report of an indictment of owners and staffers of another Filipino American-owned Home Health care provider, members of this city’s Filipino community expressed anger and embarrassment over mounting cases of Medicare fraud and abuse.

On August 27, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force announced the 23-count federal indictment of the husband-and-wife owners and operators of HCN Home Healthcare, Inc. which allegedly paid kickbacks to employees and marketers in exchange for referring elderly and disabled patients to the company for unnecessary or non-existent treatment that was funded by Medicare.

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Biggest ‘Buwaya’ in the World

EDITORIAL CARTOON Originally published in the October 2011 edition of PINOY

Get Real
Guest Editorial
By Solita Collas-Monsod
Inquirer News Service

I delivered the fifth annual Adrian E. Cristobal Lecture Series last Aug. 29, and I drew for inspiration his 1960 Palanca Award winning play (written when he was 28), titled “The Largest Crocodile in the World.” It is described as a political satire, but the manuscript was lost in the Palanca archives, its loss ascribed to a politician who felt he was Adrian’s target. Here is a short version of the lecture:

The title rings a very large bell in today’s political environment, and may be an even more appropriate subject now than it was when Adrian wrote it 55 years ago. The author may have had Nostradamus-like qualities:

First, because 50 years after he wrote the play, we literally found a saltwater crocodile in Agusan, which nosed out the Australian crocodile that held the title “largest crocodile in the world.” Nosed out is not really the accurate word. The Philippine crocodile, Lolong, was a little over three feet longer and at least a hundred pounds heavier than the Australian crocodile.

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What is coming up in October?

By Jon Melegrito

Letter from Washington



I am writing this on the eve of The Pope’s first-ever visit to the capital of the world’s leading capitalist country, where its ruling class allows billionaires to thrive while millions of people starve, where incarceration rates are the highest in the world, and where candidates who aspire to lead the most powerful nation on earth are pandering to fear and hatred of immigrants and Muslims.

And now comes the Pontiff. His message of love and compassion for the poor, the hungry and the stranger will no doubt soothe the troubled soul of this city – a welcome respite from the vile rhetoric that has filled the airwaves since the campaign season begun. Instead of wining and dining with the rich and famous, he is expected instead to visit the homeless, the undocumented, the incarcerated. Because that’s what Jesus said: “If you have done this to the least of my brethren, you have done it to me.”

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