..."The Deplorable Philippine Congress"

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Editorial October 2017 Cartoon by Jym Andalis


Now there are reports that the President is preparing to ask Congress to act on apparently yet another priority issue: the crafting of a law that would grant the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos immunity from suit, in exchange for the return of a portion of the wealth they had plundered from the country’s coffers.

The way it looks, the body politic is lurching from one controversial matter to another: Congress’ busyness is like multiple fires being stoked to blazing and now taking much of public attention that should actually be focused on issues of crucial import—such as, for instance, the P6.4-billion worth of smuggled “shabu” (crystal meth) that incredibly made it past the scrutiny of the Bureau of Customs. It’s an issue which the Senate has gone into knots tackling, resulting in a sideshow of fireworks among certain senators, but which the House, otherwise quick to the draw, has shown a strange reluctance to take up with zeal and grandstanding.

Neither have Malacañang officials displayed any emphatic will to get to the bottom of the explosive issue, preferring instead to entertain the public with regular jabs at its bete noire of the moment, Senators Antonio Trillanes and Risa Hontiveros.
But social media is abuzz over it, and at least one perceptive netizen has noted, “If you truly detest drugs, isn’t it logical to prioritize), with all your might and power, to investigate the P6.4B shabu importation?”

Indeed, this is the question of the hour (for this deplorable body.)



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