..."The ‘lone wolf’ and white privilege"

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Editorial november 2017 Cartoon by Jym Andalis



King observes that when an individual claiming to be Muslim commits a horrible act, “many on the right will tell us Islam is the problem.” And when an act of violence is committed by an African-American, “racist tropes follow—and eventually, the criminalization and dehumanization of an entire ethnic group.”

But no one is now saying—at least in American media—that white men present a danger to American lives. Not even middle-aged, retired, wealthy inveterate gamblers like Paddock was.

In his monologue in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, comedian Trevor Noah made potshots at how the media were leery about turning the tragedy into a debate on gun control, which it certainly should debate since Paddock had an arsenal of 17 guns, including semi-automatic weapons, and a cache of ammunition in his hotel room.

Instead, media commenters wanted to discuss matters like “Muslims, blacks and white nationalists.” Noah even showed footage of talking heads discussing security measures in hotels as well as “the check-in issue.” Meanwhile, he said, the US Congress was on the verge of passing a bill removing silencers from the list of prohibited items in gun ban legislation.

And if The Donald seemed rather laid back in his comments after Las Vegas, maybe it was because he couldn’t say anything about his favorite targets: Muslims, blacks, foreigners, and the poor. The biggest danger to America, it seems, doesn’t come from the Middle East or North Korea, but from within Middle America itself.

What sort of wall could the US government put up to guard against the “lone wolves” hiding in plain sight in their midst? And if we go by the description of Paddock, doesn’t it sound uncannily like Trump himself?


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