By Mariano “Anong” Santos
PINOY Editor/Publisher




PH UMC Bishop Ciriaco Francisco (2nd fr. L) will deliver a sermon on remembrance and thanksgiving at St. John United Methodist Church in Oak Park on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 11 am. (Pictured from left) are Anong Santos, Bishop, former Supreme Court Justice Ruben Reyes and Sadiri dela Cruz on Oct. 27 after Justice Reyes’s message at St John’s.


..."Getting to know the Filipinos in my congregation”

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I now know that 1 in 5 Asians in America are Filipino. Filipinos make up 20% of the Asians in America. And they are the fast growing demographic. As a group, Filipino-Americans are also more willing to intermarry than people of other Asian descent. On the West Coast and Alaska, many Native People also have Filipino heritage.

In 11 out of the 50 states, Filipinos are THE largest group of Asian Americans: Alaska, California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Montana and New Mexico.

American Media taught me the excesses of Imelda Marcos and the rigid dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, but never showed me the patriotic spirit of Jose Rizal who inspired both peaceful reformers and armed revolutionaries. The effects of colonialism are still something people must understand, examine and dig out of in love and trust.

I now know that More than 250,000 Filipino soldiers fought under the American flag in World War II. They agreed to fight in the U.S. military on the promise that the government would grant these soldiers American citizenship and full veteran benefits.

However, these promises were not granted until President Obama took office in 2009, and hundreds of thousands of Filipinos did not receive the benefits they were promised.

For the past 11 years of my ministry I am so grateful to God to have always been on the receiving end of Filipino-American hospitality, good cheer and prayers… I’ve enjoyed witnessing the importance of family ties. Learning what a boodle-fight is. My faith has been edified because of Filipino-American Methodists, clergy colleagues and cub scout-parents. And I look forward to the day when my future sister-in-law, Rebecca Luchavez, joins our family from San Rafael, Philippines.


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