JULY 2017

By Jon D. Melegrito




..."Congressional Gold Medal for FilVets slated for minting this summer"

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The CCAC made its final selection on June 21. “We are hopeful that our preferred design will go to the Treasury Secretary,” Taguba said. It’s pro-forma at that point and minting of the coin will begin shortly thereafter.

Once the CGM is minted, the same mold will be used to produce the bronze replicas. These are the medals that will be awarded to Filipino veterans listed in FilVetREP’s national registry. The closest surviving relative of a deceased veteran will receive the medal.

If everything goes according to plan, a national awarding ceremony and celebration will be held in Washington DC, possibly in early Spring 2018. The Speaker of the House will do the honors of presenting the awards to veterans and their families.

Purchase bronze replicas

“We recognize that not all the recipients of the medal are able to come to Washington due to their age and health reasons,” Taguba said. “We will consider holding awarding ceremonies in the West Coast, Midwest and the South for veterans who are not able to travel very far.”

Filipino veterans residing in the Philippines will also have an opportunity to receive their medals in Manila. This is being handled by the Philippine Veterans Administration (PVAO).

The next phase of the project is the education program, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution.

In the meantime, FilVetREP is calling on the Filipino American community to make a generous donation. “We need funds to purchase the bronze replicas so our veterans don’t have to pay for them,” Taguba said. “We also need money to digitalize the history of our veterans’ role and contributions, and make it accessible to public classrooms and libraries. We need to preserve their legacy for posterity.”

To donate, please go to www.filvetrep.org.


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