JULY 2017

GK Operation Walang Iwanan: Marawi

GK Operation Walang Iwanan: Marawi--

Around 4,500 families fled Marawi and evacuated to the neighboring town of Saguiaran to be far enough from the bullets and bombs but not quite far enough from the sight of smoke rising from their now ruined city. Most of them fled with only the shirts on their backs and now face an uncertain future especially for their children. 


The violence of war was matched by a force of goodness in Saguiaran. This 4th class municipality opened its doors to evacuees that doubled the number of its citizens. They shared their water, homes, food, mosques, and whatever space is left for families to stay safe. Mayor Macmod Muti practically slept in his office this past month to oversee relief distribution. Teachers, nurses, and DepEd officials are shown to launch the program that will feed up to 2,500 learners every school day until December.




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