JULY 2016


Singer Jed Madela (left) answers questions during a press conference at the Bacolod Chicken Haus in Chicago July 22 on the day before his All Request Concert at the Copernicus Center in Chicago. On his right is his front act singer Sychar Yebra. (PINOY Photo by Grace Garcia)


Chicago sisters dominate the PIWC essay writing contest

By Grace Garcia
PINOY Staff member

CHICAGO — Writing talent must run in the Almeda family because the two Almeda sisters, Francine and Florence, have each won first place during 2014 and 2016 essay writing contests held by the Philippine Independence Week Committee (PIWC).

The topic given at the 2016 PIWC Essay Writing Contest held in Chicago was the “advantages and disadvantages of using email.” Twelve students participated in writing an essay on this topic.

ABOVE PIC: Florence (left) won the piwc essay writing contest in 2016 and sister Francine Almeda won first place in the PIWC Essay Writing Contest in 2014. (Facebook Photo)

Florence Almeda, a sophomore at the University of Chicago Laboratory School chose to argue the cons of email, and took home the first place prize.

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JULY 2016 

By Mariano "Anong" Santos




Villages of Morton Grove & Skokie proclaim 2016 as U.S.-PH Friendship Year

LEFT PHOTO: SKOKIE Mayor George Van Dusen takes time to pose of photo with his Filipino American constituents led by PINOY publisher Mariano A. Santos shown holding a framed copy of the proclamation June 20. Also in photo is Ferdinand Soco, Chair of the Skokie beautification commission and Jelly Carandang, former planning commissioner. (Photo by F. Soco)

CHICAGO—Two mayors in Illinois with a high concentration of Filipino American residents in their respective villages have recently issued a proclamation to declare 2016 as US-Philippine Friendship Year to commemorate the 70th year of the U.S. granting of independence to the Philippines on July 4, 1946.

Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen and Morton Grove Mayor Daniel DiMaria issued separate proclamations early in June citing the historical relationship between the U.S. and its former colony, highlighting the American and Filipino alliance in fighting the Japanese invaders during World War II.

In my capacity as chairperson of the Committee to Commemorate the 70th Year of the U.S.-Philippine Friendship Year in Chicago, I’m happy to announce a series of activities this year beginning with the Filipino community participation in the July 4th parades in the two contiguous villages.

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 JULY 2016



For the Record: “Digong’s war on drugs, crime, graft”


Editor: The following Inquirer News report will speak for itself.

DAVAO CITY—For the first time in two decades, Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte appeared before city employees in the June 27’s flag-raising ceremony and spoke for nearly an hour about his oft-repeated campaign against drugs, crime and corruption.

Duterte defended his imminent war on crime, hitting out at “stupid” human rights campaigners, and emphasized that the death penalty was for retribution.

“These human rights (groups), congressmen, how stupid you are,” he said, as he highlighted their criticism of his plans to impose late-night curfews on children being out in the streets and to reintroduce the death penalty.

“I believe in retribution. Why? You should pay. When you kill someone, rape, you should die,” he said.

Duterte, 71, won May 9’s presidential election after campaigning largely on a platform of ending rampant crime, warning that the Philippines was in danger of becoming a narco-state.

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JULY 2016

By Jon Melegrito

Letter from Washington



We Can Do This!

            Advocates for Filipino World War II Veterans are confident Congress will do the right thing this year and grant the recognition that has eluded our brave heroes for more than 70 years.

            What buoyed their hopes is the number of US Senators who have come on board in the last four weeks to co-sponsor S. 1555, the senate counterpart of HR 2737, the Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015. This measure seeks to correct an injustice by once and for all recognizing the 260,000 Filipino and American soldiers who served under the US flag during World War II.

            As of June 15, almost a year after the bills were introduced, 61 Senators had already signed on as co-sponsors. Only six more are needed to meet the 67 votes required.

            On June 16, leaders of the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetREP) met with Senators Hirono (D-HI) and Heller (R-NV), sponsors of the senate legislation. They were determined to personally talk to their colleagues and secure enough co-sponsors before Congress breaks for its July 4th recess.

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