By Mariano “Anong” Santos
PINOY Editor/Publisher


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Fake news or ‘alternative truth’ fast became the mantra in a precarious year when racial division was fueled by a volatile twitter. Whether in sports or politics, irony is not lost on people who propelled Trump into the most powerful position on this planet.

Trump trashed the Electoral College yet he squeaked in because of it. Indications point to Russian meddling in the 2016 elections because of Putin’s hatred for Hillary Clinton. The special investigation in this anomaly rattles Trump to no end with his backers like FOX News and Breitbart fueling his tweets on the subject.

Trump’s obsession to junk affordable health care and passing his tax reform act were all inimical to the interest of workers that he promised to help. Super storms Harvey, Irma, Maria and the wildfires hit his constituents. These didn’t deter him from assaulting the environment in the name of corporate profit. China has now taken the leadership in climate change.

For Filipinos, it is a double whammy. As immigrants in the U.S., they are now faced with a president whose misguided nationalism panders to those of the white race. Yet he is OK with Duterte’s authoritarian tendencies. Both placed human rights in the back burner.

left pic: victims of Hurricane maria in puerto rico

Americans give Trump a historic low approval rating of about 35 per cent. But predominantly Christian Filipinos give a 65 per cent thumbs up to their foul mouth misogynist. Ironic or moronic?

The temperament of both presidents fuels aggression. Martial law was declared in Mindanao despite Maute subversion was confined in Marawi City. Duterte rewards policemen who indiscriminately kill suspects in the drug war. Trumps, meanwhile, taunt an equally volatile North Korean dictator—pushing the needle of the Atomic Clock closer to doomsday. Mideast is again in turmoil because of his policy.

Gun violence and mass killings are also staples for bad news in 2017. Whether it is a terrorist or just a demented shooter in a casino, church, school or shopping mall— gun ownership takes priority among ruling GOP over the safety of the citizenry.

Whether soldiers being killed in unnecessary war or collateral damage—civilians caught in war or in mass shooting-- Trump’s decisions negatively impacted the lives of people yearning for the curtailment of guns and weapons of mass destruction.

We witnessed in 2017 events that will long change how we will live in the coming years. Be it the Tax Reform Act, the elimination of Affordable Health Care, the suppression of immigrants and the trashing of the environment —we should be vigilant always.

Making our leaders accountable is our responsibility. It starts by making ourselves well-informed of the on-going events and how we discern them. It is no easy task but it is important that we own these.

Happy New Year!




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