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The Philippine Independence Week Committee (PIWC) will hold its Kick-off 2016 party on Sat., Jan. 9 at the Northbrook Hilton, 2855 N. Milwaukee Ave. Northbrook, IL at 6:30 pm to midnight. Attire is formal. Donation is $50. RSVP no later than Dec. 31. For more inquiries contact Mercy Matousek at 708-284-0196.





By Mariano "Anong" Santos




2015—It was a good year

above PHOTO: AWARD-winning actor Cesar Montano (C) is a frequent visitor in the Chicago area in 2015 shown being interviewed by KOR officer Randy Famacion (L) and PINOY publisher Mariano A. Santos (R). His films, “The Great Raid,” were shown in Morton Grove Nov. 8 as part of the Fil-Am History Month and ‘Jose Rizal” at Rizal Center Dec. 30 to mark the National Hero’s 119th year of Martyrdom.

The year 2015 started on a sacred note. No other than Pope Francis visited the homeland in mid-January and readily drew a record crowd from the faithful. He made it a point to mingle with the poor and the afflicted, braving torrential rains as he visited Tacloban—the center of devastation of the 2013 Super-typhoon Yolanda. Undoubtedly, the Pope was moved by what he saw.

This strengthened his resolve to come up later in the year with his encyclical on climate change which in turn helped some 150 nations to agree in Paris early last December to map out a concerted effort to reduce carbon emission to save Mother Earth from choking from massive pollution from human activities.

BBL as ultimate casualty

The Pope’s joyous visit would soon be swept over by a Jan. 24 bloody encounter in Mamapasamo in the South with 44 members of the army’s special forces who are on a mission to apprehend a top terrorist becoming casualties themselves. In the flurry of numerous inquiries to pinpoint the blame, the ultimate casualty would be the non-passage by Congress of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), the product of a lengthy and difficult peace negotiation between the government and a representative of Muslim groups in Mindanao.

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Carpet-Bombing: Wall-to-Wall Folly



Guest Editorial
By Steve Chapman

After the Paris and San Bernardino attacks, Americans are simultaneously eager to smash the Islamic State and wary of another major ground war in the Middle East. Some presidential candidates have found the perfect way to satisfy both impulses: turning large swaths of Iraq and Syria into a smoking heap of debris and body parts.

Donald Trump has said, "I would bomb the s—- out of them." Ted Cruz has vowed, "We will utterly destroy them. We will carpet-bomb them into oblivion."…

Neither candidate is likely to pay a political price for embracing wanton destruction. Massive, merciless aerial bombardment sounds good to voters because it's simple, low-risk and spectacular on TV.

Nothing could be better than annihilating vicious enemies at minimal risk. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found 73 percent of Americans favor expanded airstrikes on the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Flaws in airstrikes

But it's a solution that won't solve. The first flaw is that even the most ferocious use of air power can't "completely destroy ISIS" as Cruz imagines.


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Looking Forward with Hope

By Jon Melegrito

Letter from Washington



As another year comes to a close, a high level of anxiety grips the nation. Stoked by inflammatory rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Donald Trump and his ilk, a season of joy has turned into one of fear and anger. Fear of Muslims, who are being branded with a broad brush as “terrorists.” And anger at President Obama for not doing enough to stop them.

Reassurances from the President that strong measures are being taken to protect the American people do not seem to provide comfort. At his year-end news conference, Obama called for tolerance and vigilance. Let’s do our part, he said, “by refusing to be terrorized and by staying united as one American family.” The statement was clearly directed at Republican presidential candidates who are dividing the country with xenophobic outbursts against Muslims.


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