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..."PINOY and its mission 18 years later"

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By Mariano “Anong” Santos
Editor/ Publisher


PINOY takes the challenge to change things for the better. It is our great respect for the members of our community that prods us to take the risk of conducting this business the correct way. We owe it to them. The bringing of vital information should be attuned to the broader and important needs or our growing community.

PINOY believes in the ability of our people to bring out their collective excellence so their work and their involvement benefit the many especially those still in need.

PINOY takes on that added dimension of harnessing our rich cultural and religious heritage so it can be useful in building a bright future for ourselves and our children.

The press must be a vital tool in bringing out the truth. PINOY wants to be a light that will illuminate the dark path of narrow self-interest and to make us effective people in all our involvement.

As our commitment to our readers and to the community, PINOY shares its mission statement with all of you:

PINOY subscribes to the commitment that its work of bringing the news to its readers is public trust;

PINOY will be guided by integrity, accountability and fairness in performing its basic tasks which are to inform, to entertain and to advocate changes for the common good of the community;

PINOY will serve as a vehicle in the empowerment of the Filipino- American community so its members will get a fair share in the political process, economic pursuits, religious practices, cultural and educational upliftment, sporting events, and in the delivery of social services;

PINOY will seek to showcase the best in the Filipino-American community to inspire the rest of the community specifically the young and the underprivileged through journalism that is not only interesting and engaging but also responsible;

PINOY envisions itself as a partner in the goal of building a productive and outstanding community in this nation of immigrants. To all these we commit ourselves. •




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