APRIL 2015


Bataan Day Commemoration, April 9

The 73rd Commemoration of Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor), also known as Bataan Day, will be led by the Consulate General of the Philippines with a wreath-laying ceremony on Thurs., April 9 at the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge, located at the corner of State Street and Wacker Drive in Chicago.

Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) was the day when the US forces surrendered to the Japanese Imperial Army after four months of valiant defense in Bataan in 1942 during World World II.

Following the wreath laying ceremony will be a short program from 10 a.m. -11:30 a.m. at the Kalayaan Hall of the Chicago Consulate General of the Philippines, 122 S. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1600, Chicago, IL 60603.

For more information, contact the Consulate General's Cultural Officer, Liezel F. Alcantara at 312-583-0621, ext. 13 or email the Consulate at chicagopcg@att.net.


Intro Home Care Giver Training Program Class

Beginner's Introduction to Home Care Giver Training Program Classes will be held at the Rizal Heritage Center, 1332 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60613.

Students will be equipped with an introduction to basic home health care especially for geriatrics (seniors), handicapped, and learn to properly handle patients through lectures, video and demonstration. Graduation Certificate of training will be received upon completion (6 weeks).

Tuition is free or LOVE Donation Accepted.

To register or for inquiry, contact Dr. Alfredo Barranco, MD (Phil), RN at 773-397-8589. There will be a limited number of students only.

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APRIL 2015

U.S. watches Chuy-Rahm contest with keen interest

By Mariano “Anong” Santos
PINOY Editor/Publisher

CHICAGO Mayor Rahm Emanuel (4th fr. L) takes time to pose with some of his Filipino American supporters March 13 at the Furama Restaurant at N. Broadway including Billy Dec (L), member of Obama's Asian American Advisory Council (L), FACC president, Dr. Rufino Crisostomo (5th fr. L), and Dennis Mondero (6th fr. L), A Filipino American lawyer who moderated the greet-and-meet event and other members of the Fil-Am community. Also pictured are the owners of the Furama (2nd & 3rd fr. L) who hosted the event with samples of their cuisine. (PINOY Photo by Anong Santos)


CHICAGO--"The whole country is watching on April 7 the result of this election for it will affect the presidential and congressional campaign next year," declared Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia, the survivor of the four candidates who challenged Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the February 24th Democratic Party primary in Chicago.

Garcia, who garnered 33.5 per cent of the votes against Emanuel's 45.4, had forced the incumbent in a run-off election because of the failure of a contender to muster the needed 50 per cent plus one to be declared a clear winner of the primary. The three other contenders received a combined total of 21 per cent.

The Republicans did not field any mayoral candidate in the heavily Democratic city.

Political analysts see a Garcia victory that will shake up the national political dynamics because Emanuel is considered a principal Democratic figure who delivers huge campaign funds for the party. Emanuel is also known as a major Clinton backer and his defeat will have a negative impact on Hillary's support from the country's heartland where Chicago is considered its capital.

Another reason why the nation is focused on this election is that the influence of the Hispanic voters will be tested in a city where they only come as third next to White and Black voters.

Exclusive Interview

As the first Latino American to seriously aspire for Chicago's highest elective position, Garcia, 58, makes extra effort to bring his message to the city's various ethnic communities, granting PINOY an exclusive interview on March 18.

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APRIL 2015

A new climate for fighting climate change


Guest Editorial

It's only logical that the Philippines, the poster country for climate change and its effects, should adapt the Sendai Framework of Action on disaster risk reduction (DRR). The new framework is a 10-year plan that pushes proactive instead of reactive approaches by both the public and private sectors to minimize risks in an age when natural disasters are occurring faster and stronger than ever before.

The new framework "will give the Philippines a validation of its policy-strong and political commitment that DRR is the way to go," Margareta Wahlstrom, the head of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Jerry Esplanada last month (March) at the 3rd World Conference on DRR in Sendai, Japan. Wahlstrom observed that the Philippines already had "all the instruments, the framework, the theories," but that "the challenge is so much what happens at the local level." She noted the Philippines' "tough geography," as well as "how the system works and how … resources are channeled down, the capacity strengths, who is monitoring or supervising DRR efforts…"

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APRIL 2015

My Day in Court

By Jon Melegrito

Letter from Washington



The Department of Justice recently released a scathing report exposing the police and court system in Ferguson, MO. for grave violations of the civil rights of Black residents. It details how they have been routinely harassed by police and punished by the courts into crippling financial debt for low-level citations, like traffic violations, as a way to fill the city's coffers.

In other words, Ferguson was more interested in aggressively raising funds instead of maintaining the peace. These financially driven policies led to widespread discrimination and abusive conduct by the police and the courts.

According to federal investigators, as black residents then moved through the courts system, they were bombarded with fines and tickets, while white figures – including the municipal judge, court clerk and senior police officers – were found "assisting friends, acquaintances, and themselves in eliminating fines, and fees."

One example cited was that of a 62-year-old disabled military veteran who was jailed for three days after trying to pay the $100 monthly installment for his outstanding traffic fines on the second day of the month rather than the first, when it was due.

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GK goes beyond houses for the poor…
now it's about social entrepreneurship

KRIS Aquino (6th fr. L) interviews GK founder Tony Meloto for her ABS-CBN TV show aired on TFC in the U.S. Also pictured are Pokwang and French student interns at Enchanted Farm.


ANGAT— Tony Meloto, founder of Gawad Kalinga calls it “Enchanted Farm.”  It makes sense because this 25-hectare hatchery of social enterprises is located at Barangay Encanto on this hilly part of Bulacan.

 After only six years of its formal opening, the place is now an international destination. Aside from the bus-loads of students from the elite schools in Manila, young interns from Europe, Asia and the U.S. have been making their pilgrimages year-round.

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