APRIL 2014

CIRCAPINTIG's "Darna" & "Allos" April 4-6 at Moooh Dulce Theater

CHICAGO- CircaPintig stages "Looking for Darna," written by Chicago-based playwright Lani Montreal, which is a family drama of unspoken love and hidden family histories brought out into the open as Darna, the Filipino superwoman pop culture icon, flashes her powers that strengthen the bond between daughter, mother and grandmother. Cast includes Adriana Cardona-Maguigad, Gigi Mascarenas, Myrla Baldonado, Divine Calo and Chip Payos.

"Allos" is written by Giovanni Ortega, a Los Angeles-based actor-director-playwright whose impressive performing credentials include The Romance of Magno Rubio, Dogeaters and Imelda. Originally performed for the East West Players in LA, the play dramatizes the tenacity and struggles of early Filipino migrants as they deal with racist America of the 1940s. "Allos" is a homage to the poetic genius of Bulosan, a farm worker turned writer and poet known for his novel America is in the Heart. Cast includes Chip Payos as Carlos Bulosan ably supported by Levi Aliposa and Leo Dave Garcia.

Directed by Louie Pascasio with set design by Gabby Lingat and music by Demetrio Maguigad, Looking for Darna and Allos go on stage April 4-6, Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 4pm and 8pm and Sundays, 4pm. Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 with advanced reservation and $10 for students and seniors. Advanced ticket reservation via www.brownpapertickets.com or visit our website at www.circapintig.com or call (312) 451-6974.

All performances at Moooh Dulce, 2602 W. Fullerton Ave in Chicago.


Increase in International Medical Graduates (IMGs) seen due to acute U.S. physician shortage

By Mariano A. Santos

CHICAGO—The United States is expecting a shortage of 63,000 physicians . President Obama himself "has proposed an increase in the number of medical residency positions seeking 13,000 more over the next ten years, primarily in the field of primary care (Family and internal medicine)."

These statistics were shared in a letter (dated March 21, 2014) of Chicago's Consul General Leo H. Lim to incoming Philippine Medical Association president, Dr. Ramon Lopez who, in turn, provided a copy to PINOY Newsmagazine.

The letter stated that the information was based on a "recent call of Dr. Humayan Chaudhry, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB) to Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr. at the Philippine Embassy in Washington" on March 10.

Because of the shortage, Dr. Chaudhry said " efforts in the nation's capital are being made in support of an increase in the number of physicians in the U.S."

He added that "certain members of the U.S. Congress want to see an increase in the number of applicants allowed in the Conrad Waiver Program, which allows J-1 medical doctors to apply for a waiver for the 2-year residence requirement upon completion of the J-1 exchange visitor program."

Further, Dr. Chaudhry revealed that "changes are in the offing in the U.S. Medical licensing Examination (MLE). (Details may be found online: http//www.usmle.org/pgfs/changes_to_USMLE_2014-2015_handout_FINAL.pdf.)"

In the same letter shared by Dr. Lopez to PINOY, the following data were also stated:

-According to the 2012 Census, there are 878,194 actively licensed physicians in the U.S.

-22.4% or 196,573 are international medical graduates (IMGs)--those who graduated outside the U.S. and Canada.

-23% of the IMGs or 45,558 are from India, making them number one with the Philippines coming in a distant second at 8% or 14,785. While Pakistan (6%) and Mexico (5%) ranked third and fourth respectively.

-From those from the Philippines, 5,165 actively licensed physicians were graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas; 2,207 were from the University of the East (UE); and 2,081 were from the University of the Philippines (UP)—making them, respectively, the first, second and third highest sources of U.S. actively licensed physicians from Philippine medical schools.

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Two Popes who would be Saints

By Mariano “Anong” Santos
PINOY Editor/Publisher

APRIL 2014










Above Photo: Pope John Paul II at the Grant Park on Oct. 5, 1979 in what was to be the biggest mass ever celebrated in Chicago. The first Polish Pope was the first to visit the Windy City.

This coming April 27, two modern popes will be fast-tracked into sainthood by the Catholic Church. Despite my being a Methodist, I feel an unspeakable joy in being a witness in our age the canonization of two religious leaders whose papacy I have followed closely through news reports.

When Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council on Oct. 11, 1962, I personally felt the change in our lives. Growing up as a Protestant in our hometown of Arayat, Pampanga was difficult. There were only about seven families attending a small Methodist Church in our town where Catholic practices and traditions remained as described by Rizal in his novels.

The travails of a minority dawned upon us very darkly. The fifty years of American occupation –that brought in Methodism—did little to diminish the intolerance of those of the dominant faith.

Pope John XXIII's actions had profound impact upon myself as a student of architecture at the Pontifical University (UST). In the requirement for graduation in 1965, I had chosen to argue a thesis for an, "Interfaith Center at the Mindanao State University." The jury gave me a favorable verdict.

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APRIL 2014


The Rock Star of the Faithful

Photo credit: Steve Breen/Cartoon Syndicate

Guest Editorial
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Has it been only a year? It feels much longer than that—and not because of a sense of tedium or despair, but because of the myriad little things that add up to what looks like a sea change in the Vatican ever since Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope and took the name Francis in March 2013.

Make no mistake: The Catholic Church has not changed one whisker of its core teachings. Pope Francis' ascension to the throne of St. Peter has not led to a relaxation of the Church's adamant stand against such hot-button issues as contraception, divorce, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, the ordination of women—what it routinely calls the ills of the modern secular world. In these parts, members of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines are still wont to blame the Reproductive Health Law—currently stalled in the Supreme Court—and similar "ungodly laws" for such calamities as Supertyphoon "Yolanda."

But if local bishops continue to work themselves up against such issues, Francis himself has been markedly silent about these—so much so that conservative American Catholics, among the most vocal in the so-called "culture wars," have been reported to grumble that they feel abandoned by Rome. In a notable break with his predecessors, Francis has dialed down the divisive pontificating.

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APRIL 2014

The Battle for Justice Isn't Over

By Jon Melegrito

Letter from Washington













Above Photo: Filipino World War II veterans rally in front of the White House in the summer of 1997. (Photo by Paul Tanedo)

They never sought fame, recognition or reward. They were ordinary people who set extraordinary examples by their bravery and courage. For the most part, those who survived the war lived quietly. And they died the same way.

"Nobody ever said thank you to them," says Ret. Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba, a proud son of a vet. His father, Tomas Taguba, was a U.S. Army Sergeant and Philippine Scout who fought in the Battle of Bataan during World War II. Captured and abused as a prisoner of war in 1942, he survived the Death March and lived a quiet life in Hawaii until his death in 2011. He was 92.

Taguba's father was 24 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. As a truck driver, he was assigned to haul ammunition and food supplies to the front lines in Bataan and Corregidor. He escaped the Death March, joined the guerillas and for three years served a vital role reporting on Japanese movements in his home province of Isabella.

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