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Mt. Pinatubo’s Hot Springs Boon to Health Tourism

By Mariano Santos Volcano eruption in Iceland has been hugging the headlines lately. Its devastation equals that of Mt. Pinatubo’s 19 years ago. For two years, cold winters were attributed to Mt. Pinatubo’s debris that blanketed the earth’s atmosphere.  Our … Continue reading

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Reframing the Immigration Debate

By Jon D. Melegrito Listening to the pundits and talking heads rant and rave about the growing “mistrust” of government, we worry that our elected officials won’t accomplish much for the public good in the months ahead. Mid-term elections are … Continue reading

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NoyNoy-Mar: The team to beat

By Mariano Santos, PINOY Publisher/Editor How things can change in a year. Nobody could have surmised that a fourth generation Aquino would be again crossing the threshold of the Philippine Presidency. I just finished reading the book of National Artist … Continue reading

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The feast of Pentecost

By Fr. Tirso Villaverde Pastor of St. Bartholomew Parish Later this month, on May 23rd to be precise, Christians will celebrate the feast of Pentecost which is the day traditionally known as the “Birthday of the Church.”  We Christians know … Continue reading

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